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Build Deeper Relationships
With Kasasa 360

Kasasa 360 is a premium money management tool that can set your community bank or credit union apart. Your consumers gain the benefit of viewing all their accounts in one place -- your place! Kasasa 360 is a secure, innovative way to engage with more consumers and be their primary institution.

Consumers will get this technology somewhere -- make sure they get it from you! Request a demo today.

85% of consumers want a PFM tool(1).

Kasasa 360

Reinforce Profitable Behaviors

Kasasa 360 delivers full-circle consumer engagement. It's the only personal financial management (PFM) platform that integrates with the complete Kasasa experience, proven to drive profitable behaviors and generate loyalty.

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  • The Basics

    A secure, award-winning mobile PFM solution that goes toe-to-toe with megabank products that profitable consumers want.

  • The Benefits

    You strengthen your position as the primary institution to more consumers that exhibit highly profitable behaviors.

  • PFM Results

    • 67% lower attrition rate2
    • Users are 12% more profitable2
    • 46% of Gen Y consumers switching institutions want PFM3

The Engagement Solution You Need

Business Case For PFM

PFM. It's quite the buzzword in the banking industry. And for good reason. It is proven to drive deeper engagement with profitable consumers. But just as importantly, it's becoming a consumer expectation (like online banking).

Here are a few compelling stats:

  • 85% of consumers want a PFM tool1
  • Nearly half (46%) of Gen Y consumers actively looking to switch financial institutions want their next institution to offer PFM3
  • 52% of consumers would switch to an institution offering better money management4
  • 75% of consumers want to use their primary financial institution for PFM5

World-class Marketing

Having a superior product is only half the battle. People need to know about it. Take advantage of world-class marketing materials, customized with your logo, that break through the clutter, including:

  • Product posters, flyers, brochures, branch banners
  • Web banners, landing page, e-mail campaign
  • SR training, support tools, incentive guide

To simplify your promotional efforts, you receive a robust marketing kit with Kasasa 360 collateral for each of your branches. As future materials are created, you can browse the catalog of Kasasa 360 collateral — and even order it — directly from our online Marketing Solutions Center.

Driving User Adoption

We know that 85% of American consumers want a PFM tool,1 and 52% say they'd even leave their financial institution for it.4 Yet actual user adoption has been lower than desired. So consumers really want PFM, but either don't have access or need a nudge to start using it.

Kasasa 360 is the only PFM engineered to solve these challenges.

  • It lives outside online banking, where other PFMs are buried and difficult to use.
  • It features an exclusive Rewards Dashboard, which motivates consumers to engage with Kasasa 360 and perform profit-generating banking activities.
  • Your credit union or community bank can make logging into Kasasa 360 one of the qualifications to earn your Kasasa account rewards.

These features are designed to drive user adoption. And once account holders start utilizing the award-winning mobile interface, they'll quickly realize the tremendous benefits. The simple, one-touch access makes it simple and habit-forming for your consumers to access the daily information they need. And they'll have you to thank for it.

Kasasa 360: a solution where everyone wins!

Kasasa 360 Features

Kasasa 360 allows consumers to have one-touch mobile access to their entire financial life, at no charge. Their banking accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more are all in one place — your place!

Kasasa 360 makes it easy to track spending, set goals based on spending habits, and stay on track with automatic budgets. Timely alerts give account holders info when they need it. It's money management made simple.

Consumers (and you!) gain peace of mind with security features that keep their personal info personal. In fact, even if a user loses their smartphone, the mobile app can be disabled instantly.

Rewards Dashboard

Kasasa 360 is the only PFM with a rewards dashboard to drive deeper engagement with users. The complete Kasasa experience generates consumer loyalty by providing rewards for basic banking activities that simplify their life.

Kasasa 360 shows account holders their progress toward meeting the qualifications for these rewards. The simple interface also shows how much they've earned in past reward cycles.

The payoff to your community bank or credit union is threefold:

1. Reinforces behaviors that drive your profits

2. Reduces inquiries to your front-line staff

3. Reminds account holders the benefits of banking with you!

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