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Anywhere, anytime personal finance
management is on the rise.

Over 60% of Americans say managing their money online from one place would help them better control their finances.1 And when it comes to feeling secure about personal financial management (PFM), twice as many consumers trust their bank or credit union over stand-alone players like Increase profits, deepen relationships, gain stronger cross-sell capabilities. Offer consumers Kasasa 360 money management tool, and give them full visibility and control of their finances online.

Attrition is 4x lower among PFM users(2).

Kasasa 360

Kasasa 360 is a centralized online and mobile financial platform that drives revenues, increases cross sales, strengthens retention, and provides┬ánew insight into your account holders' financial world. Account holders can view and track all of their finances with integrated PFM — including their accounts and loans at other institutions — and their Kasasa rewards earned through you.

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  • The Basics

    Account holders get full visibility of their finances, and you get full visibility of their spending habits and needs.

  • The Benefits

    • Increase profitability
    • Increase products per household
    • Develop deeper relationships

Kasasa 360 at a Glance

Financial Transparency

Account holders get a clear, comprehensive view of all financial activity. This not only satisfies the regulatory demand for transparency, but it also instills trust in consumers, turning your institution into a valuable financial ally.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

With clear visibility of each consumer's aggregated accounts, you can easily determine which of your loan and deposit products and services have the edge over the competition. This allows you to pinpoint your marketing efforts and cross-sell consumers the superior offerings you know they want. For example, if an account holder has a mortgage with another institution, you can help them refinance at a lower rate.

Integrated PFM

Account holders have around-the-clock access to personal finance management tools:

  • external account aggregation
  • transaction management
  • budgeting
  • email alerts
  • and more

Kasasa 360 provides the same experience online or with our go-anywhere mobile offering (includes full view of finances). This means Kasasa 360 and your institution are always engaged with account holders.

Rewards Management

As part of the Kasasa® reward platform, Kasasa 360 empowers consumers to track their Kasasa rewards online in a mobile or desktop environment. They can track and monitor activity as it relates to earning their Kasasa rewards, helping to ensure that cost-cutting, fee-boosting qualifications are met.

Secure Interface

Multi-factor authentication and state-of-the-art encryption give consumers peace of mind that data is protected, solidifying their trust in your institution. Our fast, safe and secure services are available via a secure downloadable application or web interface. In addition, all account numbers and other private information are "shielded" when transmitted.


We understand the importance of peace of mind in this heavily regulated industry. Each Kasasa platform comes with a compliance toolkit developed and reviewed by our compliance lawyers, as well as our expert in-house team. We also provide upfront tools and ongoing support to make sure you always meet industry guidelines.

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