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Financial literacy is at an
all time low.

MoneyIsland is an online destination that puts fun into financial literacy for kids age eight to 14. This money management game for kids has received numerous awards and accolades. Perfect for outreach to schools in the communities your bank or credit union serves, MoneyIsland engages and educates your next generation of consumers.

91% of parents are committed to teaching their children financial skills(2).

Finovate Spring 2011 Best of Show

Created by a former Washington, D.C., Teacher of the Year, MoneyIsland is an online money management game that teaches kids how to make the most of their financial future. Once described as "Super Mario Brothers meets Monopoly," this one-of-a-kind financial literacy tool makes it fun to learn and fun to earn. By providing MoneyIsland to your account holders, local schools, and non-profit organizations, you not only fulfill responsibilities of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), but also help build a better future for America's youth.

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A better path to financial literacy:


When kids play MoneyIsland, they enter a virtual world that not only makes learning fun, but also tracks and encourages their progress. As they go on quests to fantastic destinations like the Eiffel Tower and Atlantis, they learn real-life principles of financial responsibility.

Once they join, kids may receive a real passport with colorful stickers they can use to "stamp" their progress through the MoneyIsland world. The stickers and fill-in-the-blanks reinforce the images, characters, and lessons learned in the game.

Meets CRA Criteria
Community Reinvestment Act

FFIEC-affiliated institutions such as the FDIC, NCUA, and OCC have increasingly encouraged financial literacy. Your participation in MoneyIsland helps you meet requirements of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). By providing MoneyIsland on a local level, you are eligible for consideration under the lending, investment, and service test of CRA regulations.

These efforts also enhance your community visibility, ultimately attracting a larger consumer base. Just as it makes sense for police officers to teach DARE curriculum, people in our industry should feel equally compelled to teach financial education. Redirecting CRA dollars to MoneyIsland will help you make an impact and market your institution, while gaining positive consideration from regulators.

Standard Curriculum
Kids learn financial lessons by going on exciting quests to these and other locations in MoneyIsland

Forty-five percent of high school seniors say they are not ready to manage their money.1 Our standard curriculum, for tweens ages eight to 14, provides invaluable life lessons that better prepare future generations. Aligned with national standards published by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, the MoneyIsland curriculum builds skills in three basic areas: Saving & Spending, Earning & Investing, and Using Credit Wisely.

Real World Curriculum
MoneyIsland Passport

Our real world curriculum includes two lesson plans for every level of the MoneyIsland game, along with ongoing educational resources for teachers and parents. These lesson plans were created by master teachers to align with national standards. They employ a hands-on approach that works in tandem with the online experience.

The MoneyIsland curriculum has been successfully piloted by public schools in Pennsylvania and Texas. This program is also a great resource for local schools and volunteer teachers from your institution.


Customizable features ingrain your credit union or community bank within the MoneyIsland world. Additionally, it lives at a unique URL, with pages that showcase your community commitment, branch locations and rewards program(s). Likewise, your institution's name, logo, and other branding elements appear throughout the experience, including emails generated by the game, load screens, and the game's virtual bank or credit union.

All of this works seamlessly with the online Parent & Teacher Center, which helps instructors track each pupil's progress throughout the game. What's more, we regularly update this site with new games, challenges and educational resources to keep the experience fresh for students and instructors alike.

Felix Brandon Lloyd

Felix Brandon Lloyd is no stranger to education and financial literacy. He was both a teacher and the Dean of Students at the nationally acclaimed SEED Public Charter School, and was featured in Newsweek and the Washington Post.

For two years he led Microsoft's innovative "Washington to Washington" program and as a social entrepreneur received the highly prized Echoing Green fellowship. Felix joined the BancVue team in January of 2010.

1. Capital One Survey, 2010.

2. Center for Media Research, American Express survey, 2010.